His Serene Highness Yust II Oberon, The Faery King (thefaeryking) wrote in queerspirits,
His Serene Highness Yust II Oberon, The Faery King

Happy Solstice

Raising My Staff, Rah-Tim in hand,
As Thor's drum circle beats to me,
Filling me with spirit from the cosmos and Mother Gaia's land,

Laugh if you must, My Brother and Friend,
Lord Loki,
You always make the king a better viking,

Rex of the Fae,
Witnessed by The Faeries, Dark and Light,

I speak to the elements, Spirit, Air, Earth, Fire and Water of Sea,
Calling to the planets and stars, on cosmic wire, 

All that is Sacred to you and me,
The Great Spirit that guides,
Let the spirit,  from all destruction be free,

To the Indigo, Seeker and  Hippie
From LA to Hong Kong, Prague and Brest,
South America, Australia, Africa and Budapest, 

Let your heart-light be seen,

To the princes of India and Arabia too, 
The one Utah shaking his coccoon, 

Yes Windtalker, 
The king does indeed love you,

To gatherings we go, 
That will take place soon,
It is time my friends, 
Shake away those Blues, 

To places where love,
Make the romantic swoon,

God and Goddess in heaven,
Please be at your best, 

We suffered enough,
Let the great waves turn to gentle dunes,

Let all who need it,
Find the comfort of nursing,
Mother' s breast,
Mother's womb,

Let it be warm, not too cold,
In our summer camp,
Not too dry or damp,

May the elders be as children,
Not feeling too old,
Their bones not creeking,
Pain of life under control,

As the younger sit at their feet,
Sharing a smile,
A fable, parable or three,

Make the ancestors rock,
As the grains pass through the astral clock,

For the time being,
WE petition those gods  in heavenly form,

Suspend the tests, 
As finery and jewells we do adorn,
We do need one season to love and rest,

Let human-kind be happy in summer's light,
As well as those moments of starlit nights,

Let all, at The Autumnal Eqinox,
To good health and happiness,
A season well-lived, attest,

For this moment in time anyway,
Noble guardians, 
Winged  Brothers and Sisters,  Divine, 

Let us toast both sides,
The season upon us,
With the sweetest Ambrosian wine,

The Solsitce is here my friends, so dear, 
Let this be a most joyous summertime,

The long days are upon us, 
So let me be clear, 

Enjoy the rays and warmth,
Don't make a fuss,
Make it bliss not bust,

Atone for the wrong-doing,
As in life and  magick,
We must harm none,

Learn from your lessons,
Dark and light,

As a student of mortal life,
One should not be mean, ungracious or uptight,

Get naked, love, dance and trance,
Things such as this,
Make the faeries prance,

Hold the children and hear their laughter, 
Enjoy the paws of your pet, 
Going pitter patter,

Sing praises of joy from the rafters, 

Let which good time to have be your only fight,
Let love and beauty be never far from sight,

Revere all the souls, gods and elements,
As balance does balance beget,

Take you lover in hand, 
Watching the sunset, 

For in old age these are the moments,
One never regrets,

A summer kiss is a memory so grand, 
As you will remember this year, 

Dancing around the fire,
Your feet barefoot, 
Planted in the sand, 

A breeze blowing through your hair,
Lightening bolts of love and healing,
Filling the air,

Swimming in the rivers, lakes of your own humanity, 

In embracing a positive energy,
Your spirit will soar with me, 

As you remain in mortal form,
Great bliss will come, you see?

Walking with The Faery King, 
Admittedly, not some's cup of tea,

As the Christian Pope might say;
"I shall pray for thee,"

Y'all need to have fun,
If not with, then just like me,

In the desert sands of Burning Man, 
The Green of Starwood and CoSM Fire,
Lay your troubles on that pyre,

Let them burn,

As you learn to let go of that which brings pain,

Love others before they love you,
To Thine ownself and the Gods be true,

In this sacred time, as always,
The Faery King blesses and loves all of you,

His Serene Highness,
Yust II Oberon, Fae Rex
Beacon of the Indigos
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