His Serene Highness Yust II Oberon, The Faery King (thefaeryking) wrote in queerspirits,
His Serene Highness Yust II Oberon, The Faery King

A Drum Circle, Party and An Art Project

A drum circle, Full, Moon, A Faery King (who loves
you), a Prince whom you shall love if you do not
already, The Chapel Of Sacred Mirrors, a number of friends,
many of The Gossamer Court you have yet to meet, the company
of artists, musicians and seekers of all stripes.

His Divine Y-Ness, Yust II Oberon, Fae Rex, His
Sublime Highness, Peter I Puck, Crown Prince of The
Fae, Thief Of Hearts, Lady Mariah Greenelf, The Elfin
Lady Chelsea and esteemed members of The Gossamer
Court, have tentative plans to gather at the COSM
www.cosm.org in Manhattan It is my understanding that
artist, Alex Gray, and company shall be there on the
eve of December the 26th for the Full Moon
celebration, including a drum circle and nova-like

It is also the day after His Majesty's conception 45
years ago (any excuse for a celebration, right?), so
it will be observed by the
Gossamer Court. Everyone else just think of it as a
truly magickal eve.

The gifts of a hug and smile are not mandatory for the
faery king, but He desires nothing less, so please do
not make us suffer from said desire. (LOL). Please do
not make Him suffer too much.

Now, all the regal crap aside, the perception of one
or two who do not know me all that well think that I
am all bark and no bite when it comes to getting
things done, so I have a thought about making the most
of this evening;

This might be a good opportunity for those involved in
the Art Project for The Faerie Woods at Starwood next
Summer and those who want to be, to make use of this
eve, prior to its beginning , for a brief exchange of
ideas and contact information early on. The Faerie
Woods is presenting a gift of the Art Project to those
attending the festival.

(FaerieWoods@yahoogroups.com This is an email list for
the queer/faerie folk who attend the Starwood
festival. The purpose of the list is to discuss
potential programming, use of the Faerie Woods,
contributing to the Starwood community as well as our
own, and things of a similar nature.) Please stand and
be counted my friends.

For the record this is a COSM event. The Crown Prince,
Peter and I will be there to celebrate our devotion to
art, spirituality, our love for one another and the
company of good friends. There may be some from the
Midwest and New England in attendance that evening.
The Gossamer Court will be well represented, if we can
pull this together in time.

Regardless of my medical situation the Crown Prince
and I will be there if it is a go. Any questions,
direct them to rsvp_yust@yahoo.com . Feel free to join
our FaeRealm@yahoogroups.com for updates and pertinent
information with respect to this evening. Time
permitting I will be cross-posting. As time draws near
and information comes in, it will be posted. This
group is not meant to substitute
FaerieWoods@yahoogroups.com for the Art Project
itself. Just imagine the Faerie Woods as a gallery in
the magickal wild of Starwood.

This is a heads up to leave the night of December 26th
free, should you be in or around Manhattan. It is our
desire that we have an opportunity to exchange
information for the project, then enjoy the
festivities. Even if you are not interested in
participating in the Faerie Woods Art Project, I
highly recommend COSM for the experience alone. I am
paid nothing for saying so.Clothing is mandatory. My
suggestion for suitable attire;


Cloaks wrapped in faery dew,

Elfin, Wiccan, a gnome or two,

Blue velvet perhaps,

Some Black lace,

Panty lines, hard to trace,

A faery lantern (glow sticks only) in one one hand,

Leave one free to hug your friends,

Regal wear, for Roi and Ren,

Monarchs we,

WE don't pretend,

Crowns and jewels,

A sarong or just a smile shall do.

Wings for the Fae,

Kilts for real men,

Gown for a Lady,

Wizards, with staff in hand,

All of Mundania is never so grand,

Wear what you like,

But wear your heart,

Tis the best way for all to start....

Remember this:

"To thine own self be true" and

The Faery King Loves all of You.

Don't let anyone tell you differently, I do love all
of you, even if you don't love me and think me a
pompous ass. I am sometimes, just ask the Crown
Prince, Peter I Puck. It is part of the job I am
working on dispensing with, so just give me, Yust, a
hug and a chance, if you are so inclined. I am a
double Libra and we Libras need to be loved!

Yust, Fae Rex
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