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It's Hard To Believe People Still Throw Their Queer Kids Away 
02:30pm 20/11/2009
free LGBT-themed films and curriculum resources 
03:54pm 08/05/2009
  Thought folks in this group might be interested in a new project from GSA Network and Frameline called Youth In Motion.  We provide *free* LGBT-themed DVDs to middle and high schools throughout California (unfortunately, our grant limits us to California at the moment), along with fierce Curriculum Guides and fabulous Action Guides.  We believe that having an LGBT-inclusive curriculum is a key component of making schools safe and welcoming to folks of all sexual orientations and gender identities/expressions.

I posted about it on our LJ here or you can register directly on our website!

If you're outside of California, you can still order the films for your GSA or school -- they're only $25 each (which is hella cheap compared to most movies).  Visit our website for more info: http://youthinmotion.frameline.org.

Here's the covers from our first 4 DVDs -- you can see they cover a broad range of topics:

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Yes!!!! The new Pet Shop Boys album is out now. 
11:40am 24/04/2009
  Any Pet Shop Boys fans out there? I'm assuming so... they have a new album out now and it's so so so good... i'm kind of a super fan so i'm spreading the love, etc :).


Yes on iTunes
"Love, Etc." Video
PSB Video Medley
PSB Yes Magamix on Out.com

Pet Shop Boys Snake Game
Pet Shop Boys Performing at the Brits with Brandon Flowers and Lady Gaga

Official Website

You can hear the album via this widget, which is cool... but worth buying imho:
03:50am 05/12/2007
  Gay Pride by Dean Thorpe

Go to Gay Pride,
Mind opened wide.
Interesting sights,
Some transvestites.
Party is free,
Just go and see.
Not all the same,
Life's not a game.
We all can feel,
Equality is real.
Open your mind,
See what you find.
Gay bi or straight,
Don't turn up late.

You Gotta Believe In Yourself!!! 
10:47pm 01/08/2006
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My friend Alex Palermo, proprietor of Boston's Tremont Tea Room is a wizard in many ways. He is my personal psychic, one with an amazing artistic sense.

He is the Gossamer Court's own Duchess of Destiny. It only took us three years to be able to spend time with each other.

His advice is greatly valued. http://www.tremont-tearoom.com

The slide show and link is a shortened one, created from pictures Basil took at CoSM Fire and Alex edited.

He put this together and set up the link for me.

Put on you headphones and crank it!


YustThe Faery King
Happy Solstice 
03:10pm 21/06/2006
  Raising My Staff, Rah-Tim in hand,
As Thor's drum circle beats to me,
Filling me with spirit from the cosmos and Mother Gaia's land,

Laugh if you must, My Brother and Friend,
Lord Loki,
You always make the king a better viking,

Rex of the Fae,
Witnessed by The Faeries, Dark and Light,

I speak to the elements, Spirit, Air, Earth, Fire and Water of Sea,
Calling to the planets and stars, on cosmic wire, 

All that is Sacred to you and me,
The Great Spirit that guides,
Let the spirit,  from all destruction be free,

To the Indigo, Seeker and  Hippie
From LA to Hong Kong, Prague and Brest,
South America, Australia, Africa and Budapest, 

Let your heart-light be seen,

To the princes of India and Arabia too, 
The one Utah shaking his coccoon, 

Yes Windtalker, 
The king does indeed love you,

To gatherings we go, 
That will take place soon,
It is time my friends, 
Shake away those Blues, 

To places where love,
Make the romantic swoon,

God and Goddess in heaven,
Please be at your best, 

We suffered enough,
Let the great waves turn to gentle dunes,

Let all who need it,
Find the comfort of nursing,
Mother' s breast,
Mother's womb,

Let it be warm, not too cold,
In our summer camp,
Not too dry or damp,

May the elders be as children,
Not feeling too old,
Their bones not creeking,
Pain of life under control,

As the younger sit at their feet,
Sharing a smile,
A fable, parable or three,

Make the ancestors rock,
As the grains pass through the astral clock,

For the time being,
WE petition those gods  in heavenly form,

Suspend the tests, 
As finery and jewells we do adorn,
We do need one season to love and rest,

Let human-kind be happy in summer's light,
As well as those moments of starlit nights,

Let all, at The Autumnal Eqinox,
To good health and happiness,
A season well-lived, attest,

For this moment in time anyway,
Noble guardians, 
Winged  Brothers and Sisters,  Divine, 

Let us toast both sides,
The season upon us,
With the sweetest Ambrosian wine,

The Solsitce is here my friends, so dear, 
Let this be a most joyous summertime,

The long days are upon us, 
So let me be clear, 

Enjoy the rays and warmth,
Don't make a fuss,
Make it bliss not bust,

Atone for the wrong-doing,
As in life and  magick,
We must harm none,

Learn from your lessons,
Dark and light,

As a student of mortal life,
One should not be mean, ungracious or uptight,

Get naked, love, dance and trance,
Things such as this,
Make the faeries prance,

Hold the children and hear their laughter, 
Enjoy the paws of your pet, 
Going pitter patter,

Sing praises of joy from the rafters, 

Let which good time to have be your only fight,
Let love and beauty be never far from sight,

Revere all the souls, gods and elements,
As balance does balance beget,

Take you lover in hand, 
Watching the sunset, 

For in old age these are the moments,
One never regrets,

A summer kiss is a memory so grand, 
As you will remember this year, 

Dancing around the fire,
Your feet barefoot, 
Planted in the sand, 

A breeze blowing through your hair,
Lightening bolts of love and healing,
Filling the air,

Swimming in the rivers, lakes of your own humanity, 

In embracing a positive energy,
Your spirit will soar with me, 

As you remain in mortal form,
Great bliss will come, you see?

Walking with The Faery King, 
Admittedly, not some's cup of tea,

As the Christian Pope might say;
"I shall pray for thee,"

Y'all need to have fun,
If not with, then just like me,

In the desert sands of Burning Man, 
The Green of Starwood and CoSM Fire,
Lay your troubles on that pyre,

Let them burn,

As you learn to let go of that which brings pain,

Love others before they love you,
To Thine ownself and the Gods be true,

In this sacred time, as always,
The Faery King blesses and loves all of you,

His Serene Highness,
Yust II Oberon, Fae Rex
Beacon of the Indigos
Check It Out! 
01:10pm 10/05/2006
  Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Joe Ball began to play his cello. The rehearsal stopped and we did it all in one take. This defines me as a word magician.

I had no idea when I wrote and performed it, that it is so beautiful, until now.. (You can hear it all)

It is called Passion in the Grass.

Criminals Bar Mitzvah is about lost innocence.

Sage Burns is about leaving the one you love behind.

Amazonian Beauty is about a very beautiful strong woman who made love to me in the moon light at the Starwood Festival.


Dear Friends, 
11:15pm 12/07/2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Dear Friends,

It is so wonderful that people like you are, in a most universal way, a part of the consciousness of The Gossamer Court.

Perhaps you can make this experience. It would be a blessing to have you participate in this evening.

Namaste, His Serene Highness, Yust II Oberon, Fae Rex, Elemental Majesty of The Gossamer Court and Monarch of The Fae Realm.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

From The Cincinnati Press

"The opener for Incus' shows is local poet Yust Lundberg, a.k.a. "The Faery King," "His Divine Y-Ness" and"The Mystical, Magickal, Yust II Oberon." All of those titles are a lot to live up to, and Yust doesn't disappoint. His poems on a variety of subjects are compelling, and his stage presence is magnetic. Yust has been likened to Jim Morrison of The Doors on stage. His shamanistic, raw-yet-refined appeal is similar to Morrison's but more genuinely spiritual. It's a fine weekend to fall under the spell of these two acts. Gather 'round their fire." ("Dale Johnson")

The second act will begin with Prayerfromance Artist, THOTH http://www.skthoth.com

"Subject of an Academy Award winning film and one of the most talented
and unique artists in the world, Thoth uses a four octave plus vocal range, dance, theater, comedy, stillness, philosophy, language deconstruction, aerobics,... all accompanied by foot percussion and violin to transmit legends of the Festad - a mythologial land he has invented, while mesmerizing audiences with his prodigious energy."

The second act close with Incus, the dark tribal orchestra and a chant led by Jason Cohen, band founder and lead musician and singer.

Incus, from Boston, MA are an 8 piece tribal, dynamic and mesmerizing World Music band. Their music is evocative, with mixed vocals, various drums and percussion, cello, violin, keyboards and accordion. Their stage show includes beautiful dancing and impassioned performance with a fiery sound. Dark and light, struggle and love, the divine feminine and masculine energies are all honored in their magical workings. “Forestdance” the travelling sacred dynamic fire circle gatherings that they produce, cultivate a large part of the energetic subtleties and the medicine that can be felt and experienced within their music. See for yourself why Incus has been tagged "Music for Fire Worshippers". http://www.incus.net, http://www.Forestdance.net.

In helping CoSM, you are doing great service to seeker and art lover alike. You are also making the Faery King very happy, as CoSM is the center of his spiritual world.

Please support the work and events of CoSM.


Boston Gay Pride June 11th, Please Come And March 
04:26pm 27/05/2005
  Image hosted by Photobucket.com

From time to time I have to remind people that this
country was founded by enlightened freemasons, among
others, who saw magick in an idea of establishing

In this spirit I invite all who read me,
hear me and see me, to join in the Gay Pride
marches nation wide this year. Los Angeles,
Cleveland, Chicago, Columbus etc.....

There is more at stake here, in protecting all groups
who do not march to the fascist beat of this
particular government. Some of them are such sad
excuses for what Americans should be!

If you are in the Boston area on June 11th, please
join me and others of The Gossamer Court, the related
tribes and communities, in marching with The Radical

We usually have a meet-up point somewhere on the steps
of the Boston Public Library around 10- 11 a.m. on
Pride Day. If folks can't make it to that, they can
look for the Boston Radical Faeries (look under letter
B) entry on the board at Registration in Copley

Actual positions in the parade are always assigned at
the last minute. If possible, I will post it here,
probably on the Friday before the March.

We will most likely meet up at the Kahlil Gibran
monument on the Trinity side of the library.

Come and hold my hand for awhile on this March Of


Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal
with the intent of throwing it at someone else;
you are the one getting burned.

~ Buddha
Lets Make Art At Starwood, A Message From His Majesty 
02:12pm 26/04/2005
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Those of us who are a part of the growing number of spiritually inspired artists, musicians and dancers in The Gossamer Court will be well represented at Starwood this year.

We extend an invitation to all artists at the festvial to walk with us for awhile, so we might learn from one another and draw new inspiration.

For More Information On The Festival; http://www.rosencomet.com . The festival runs from July 19th - 24th

Most of us are coming as friends, who shall pay like everyone else, because we want to spontaneously make magick through our respective art and not be confined to a schedule.

Some of the best events are ones born of spontaneity.

We shall all be participating in the Faerie Woods Project, which everyone is very excited about. We encourage everyone who is a part of The Faerie Woods Community to do so as well.

Many within the court have not experienced Starwood before. In my capacity as a dream maker, this is reward enough.

There is a lot of talent in our community and I am very excited about those who have already told me they will be bringing work to share with everyone.

Brain James, the Fire Dancer and Master Spinner, has agreed to be one of the teachers for an unofficial workshop on spinning. I am still collecting the names of those interested in this, as teachers and students.


No fire or combustibles for this workshop. Please! It can’t be tolerated.

It does pain me to see this rule in place because mine is the discipline of the fire, but we have put safety as the first order of the day.

I may teach veil to some during this unofficial event as well. It depends on the shoulder. Some people have asked me about the featherweight veil I have used in past festivals.

I am having some made for this Starwood and will make the pattern and specs available to anyone interested before the festival.

We are going to ask some of our friends who are wonderful veil dancers in their own right, to participate. If there are any fan dancers out there, please make your selves known. It is a beautiful art form

We will have musicians and drummers for this.

I have spoken with and will be speaking to more of my people, who have different artistic disciplines to share.

If you are interested in something in particular, give me a shot. We may have someone to help you within our group or know others from somewhere else.

Do not be concerned about disturbing me. I have ways of hiding when I have to. If you see me, I can usually talk. You might have to walk with me but I will give you time.

The Faery King has some surprises this year, with regard to talent. We will probably all be camped near Incus and the Fire Worshippers.



Many Blessings,
Yust, Fae Rex
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The Faery King does not represent or receive compensation from A.C.E.

He just loves Mother Starwood will all his heart!
The Photo's Of Us By Chelsea Serraino 
09:32pm 07/02/2005

The United States Of America seems to be of the opinion that it may judge love by outlawing civil union.

What do we say to that?

Are we the disposable minority? Peter and I are in trash bags ya know!
A Drum Circle, Party and An Art Project 
04:13pm 13/12/2004

A drum circle, Full, Moon, A Faery King (who loves
you), a Prince whom you shall love if you do not
already, The Chapel Of Sacred Mirrors, a number of friends,
many of The Gossamer Court you have yet to meet, the company
of artists, musicians and seekers of all stripes.

His Divine Y-Ness, Yust II Oberon, Fae Rex, His
Sublime Highness, Peter I Puck, Crown Prince of The
Fae, Thief Of Hearts, Lady Mariah Greenelf, The Elfin
Lady Chelsea and esteemed members of The Gossamer
Court, have tentative plans to gather at the COSM
www.cosm.org in Manhattan It is my understanding that
artist, Alex Gray, and company shall be there on the
eve of December the 26th for the Full Moon
celebration, including a drum circle and nova-like
lets make it happenCollapse )
hey everyone 
06:59pm 28/11/2004
mood: tired
anyone doing anything intersting for yule/holidays?
I loooove Halloween 
08:38pm 12/11/2004
mood: awake
halloween is the best. i was a corpse eating demon for halloween, what were all you?
i wish i could post a pic of my costume, but i don't know how..
Loss Of Innocence 
10:44pm 12/08/2004
  They looked at me like a pretty little girl in the days of my youth. After all, it is more acceptable to love a pretty little girl than it is to love a pretty little boy, so they excused themselves from sin when they took what did not belong to them.

My Papa was Poseidon and my mother, Medusa. She could turn the heart of a saint cold with the pain of arctic frost bite. Even this loss of innocence was my fault in her eyes because I was "too pretty for people to look at."

My mother had been a great beauty in her day and now aging, as we all will do, another, in her eyes, had come to take her place.

It is a case of a woman who scorned her own child, a child unworthy of such attention, as his voice hit a high "A" and held it in the Christian pieces made for the angelic voice of a boy soprano. A family out of touch with the painful reality of a suffering child, sat by idly and permitted the desecration of a child's soul and body by a woman with neither the capacity nor ability to empathize or love. For those within the familial cloister who would say, "these people should get over rape and move on", please take a moment in my shoes, just a moment and you will see that this pain is ever-lasting, as it not only leaves one's body scared, it scars the soul.

They too blame me, after the indifference of a lifetime, when I manifested the symptoms of the womb which dropped me to the soil, upon my head.

The doctors were careful with their fine delicate stitches, repairing the tender parts of a child not meant to be violated without permission and this was in my 8th year of life. The learn-ed surgeon could not seal up the pain that lived within me, a great pain bearing down upon the pain of a tender heart designed only to love and trust. Until the beating vessel of life broke free of hatred for the cold stone womb which bore and scorned the innocent and loving child. I forgive all but no one shall ever take from me that which does not belong to them again.

Boarding schools at 8 years old were almost a blessing with many of the boys taking what they could from me, giving little in return, save constant abuse upon finishing, because I was far too sensitive and feminine to be one with the human race.

Compared to the beatings from my mother with kitchen utensils, belts and, yes, "wire hangers", the words from her venom dripping mouth inflicted the worst pain of all, those molestations and the rape were a blessing, as the child within wanted so badly to be loved by the woman who gave me life and what was given was the dark loathing of an envious heart.

The parent who loved me more than the sea or the Sun had forsaken me dieing when I was 14 while the one who remained living torments the child in me to this day with the memories, blame and reminders of innocence lost. This is supposed to be mine to own for having dared to be so pretty. I will not have it!

Yes, I understand the plight of the beautiful child in unspeakable ways. The "decent", for fear of social rejection for speaking of a relative being raped, on all levels, stay away while the predators prey after the flesh of the loved one has been corrupted, leaving said prey shattered, alone and in agonizing despair, possibly for the rest of their lives. Yes, I have gotten over it but without the help of those whom are supposed to protect the seed which binds them.

Abandoned, I learned to hold my own tears, until my love and one true friend above all true friends found me. Taking the thorn from my heart, he helped me to discover that the promise of love no matter what, in this foul life, is not an empty one.

Those blood tears from my eyes fell into his own beautiful hands one night and his love gave me the courage to withstand the typhoon of self-serving hatred in this world and the predatory nature of mankind. This is not about venom, but the desire to make the blind eye see.

People wonder why I love him so, my 24 year old Evangelical Christian companion, to my Mystic.

How can I not love one who grew up within the bosom of loving family, one who reflects that love given, which causes him so much pain, a love that allows me to feel as though I belong to the human race.

Love is not supposed to be a matter of convenience, but an oath before the divine. The heart is not supposed to lie, even when the body does.

If one loves my work, then one loves my friend Peter, because he is the center of my courage and love, that point of light in my life which knows little darkness, allowing me to perform with such passion, a point which allows me to speak of the agony that this life offers while paying tribute to hope, encouraging others to remain strong............. I thank God for the friend who loves his friend!

Where there is breath, there is hope and I am the luckiest human being in this world because, against all odds I am loved in an unloving world by many and have kept close to my heart the capacity for love.....

Gay Day in the Northeast!!!! 
08:07am 12/07/2004
  Howdy Everyone!

Wow, 2004 has been an amazing year for GBLT Pride! The parades and festivals seemed to be larger, louder and more festive than they have been in years and keeping with that trend, Out In The Park wanted to invite you to the 8th annual Gay Day at Six Flags New England! This years event will be on September 19th, 2004 and run from park opening to park closing and for the first time, includes an Out In The Park Festival featuring family-friendly GBLT entertainment in the Picnic Grove inside the park from 3-8pm. See below the cut for special, reduced prices and more information!
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09:49pm 27/06/2004
  Human Right Campaign Call to Action (text)Collapse )  
Good Night Sweet Prince 
08:17pm 19/06/2004

It is with profound sadness that We announce the
passing of Our friend Ryan Angelsboi, Knight Prince of
the Southern Sphere, Ruler Of the Willows, Chief
Scribe and Keeper Of The King's Records.

Ryan lost his battle with AIDS two nights ago. His
friend and companion, Kevin, informed me this
afternoon. Kevin really needs our prayers now. He was
loyal to his friend until the end.

Ryan was a favorite of the Gossamer Court because of
his tremendous courage in facing this illness that
ravaged his young body. He was infected by his first
partner, a rather sad excuse for a human being.

Courage is not about battlefields. it is about bout
the way that we live and in the end, die. I only hope
that when the real suffering begins for me, I am able
to find one quarter of the strength and courage that
Ryan faced his final days with.

It is an honor to have called such a brave, loving and
compassionate human being my friend.

After my heart attack and surgery he called me in the
hospital and at home every day, making sure wanted
for nothing. After my assault he put me in touch with
good people to talk me through the recovery process.

We never had he pleasure of meeting, but I knew him
better than many of those who are a part of my day to
day. His presence on this planet will be missed, as
will his writing and sweet voice of courage.

Please join the Gossamer Court at dusk tomorrow,
whereevr you are and say a little prayer for Ryan and
those young people reamaining who face an early demise
because of this terrible disease.

Many Blessings,

His Divine Y-Ness,
The Mystical, Magickal,
Yust II Oberon,
The Magnificent Naked Faery King
10:11am 11/06/2004

It is an honor, privledge and pleasure to be marching with Mass Pagans on Saturday June 12th, in Boston's Gay Pride Parade


09:22am 03/03/2004
  I'm trying to make a difference....

It's not much, but I try...

Let the truth be heard

Thanks for clicking it!!